TJC Support Fund

The TJC Support Fund runs separately from TJC’s regular operations fund. This fund is specifically earmarked for our work with the families of death row prisoners, and is often used to cover needs such as international travel, accommodation and expenses while in Singapore, and — if the worst happens — funeral arrangements.

You can find our latest update on expenditure below, as well as information on how to contribute to the fund.

Support Fund Expenditure (January 2022 – 12 July 2022)

These expenses were used in our work with 15 families, including that of Pausi bin Jefridin, Datchinamurthy a/l Kataiah, Pannir Selvam Pranthaman, and Kalwant Singh.

Travel: $2,376.80
To cover flight or bus tickets to Singapore, so non-Singaporean families are able to come visit their loved ones in prison.

Accommodation: $1,817.75
Hotel bookings for families who are staying in Singapore for a night or more.

Expenses: $202.19
Daily expenses while families are in Singapore, such as food, transport, SIM cards, etc.

Legal: $22,755.50
Legal costs, such as filing fees, needed in relation to death row cases. This reported amount includes $12,000 in security costs to file an appeal in the case of Roslan bin Bakar and Pausi bin Jefridin, which we had to raise within a day given the urgency of the situation.

Covid-related Costs: $625
For PCR tests or ART, travel insurance with Covid coverage, etc. as required by travel regulations at the time.

Funerals: $4,600
For the repatriation to Cameron Highlands and funeral of Kalwant Singh.



In 2021, TJC ran a fundraiser for Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam’s family after they suddenly received an execution notice in the middle of the pandemic. The funds we raised were specifically for Nagaen and his family, which is why we are reporting on this separately.

Travel: $1,886.94

Accommodation: $6,434.65
In 2021, family members who visited were required to book quarantine stays in SHN hotels.

Expenses: $2,180.24
During the first visit in 2021, family members were required to remain in the hotel whenever they weren’t at the prison, and could only order food via delivery.

Legal: $755
This includes costs like filing fees for legal applications and payment to Commissioners of Oaths.

Covid-related Costs: $997.93
When Nagaen’s family first received an execution notice in 2021, there were still travel restrictions in place that required them to pre-pay for PCR tests, as well as to buy travel insurance that included Covid-19 coverage. The second time they received an execution notice in 2022, travel had loosened somewhat and only those who were travelling by air had to do supervised ART.

Funeral arrangements: $2,400
This included a short wake for Nagaen in a memorial hall before repatriation to Ipoh.

Total Raised: $20,350.01
This amount was raised through the generous contributions of people in Singapore in 2021, when Nagaen’s family were issued the first execution notice.


Balance: $5,695.26
Nagaen’s family chose to contribute this remaining amount to the TJC Support Fund so that it can be used for other families in need.

Contribute to the TJC Support Fund

You can set up one-time or recurring contributions to the TJC Support Fund via Donorbox here:
Please remember to select “TJC Support Fund” in the dropdown menu!

Alternatively, you can use PayNow by scanning the QR code below. Please remember to add a note/reference that it’s for the Support Fund!

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