Welcome to the official website of Transformative Justice Collective (TJC), based in Singapore! Click here to find out more about TJC’s work and how you can support our movement. Also check out the #StopTheKilling campaign website and join us in our call for an immediate moratorium on executions in Singapore.

This Week In Court

This Week In Court we take a look at the case of a 65 year old cleaner whose first time in prison was when he was 19, and a young man being penalised for seemingly struggling to support his baby

Letters from Death Row Inmates

The following are letters, poems, and reflections written by Datchina, Kalwant, Nagaenthran, Pannir and Syed on their experiences being on death row, and their messages to loved ones. Letters from Datchina What allows me to be alive today? Is it the words from the judge, the law, my family, me or God? If man has…

Letters to Death Row Inmates

“I hope we can move towards a more loving, gracious, compassionate, and unified society that wants to understand, not just punish.” The following letters and artwork were created by people who attended the Stop The Killing events. Many expressed solidarity with people on death row and echoed calls to abolish the death penalty. Letters to…

ZINE: Abused

What if our system includes those who use drugs, as well as those around them? A zine on drug use and drug policy.

Samy’s Story

Samy tells us about his trauma and experiences: going from prison to court, living with no windows and in isolation, seeking urgent medical attention, and how psychiatry is dealt with in Singapore’s prison system. 

Anti-death penalty activist sues the police for overreach

On 23 September 2022, anti-death penalty activist Rocky Howe filed an application in court to seek, among other things, a declaration that the police had abused its powers in investigating him for participating in a purported ‘illegal procession’.


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