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A new low.

Singapore, where is your heart? Where is your conscience? Not only have you broken a family into pieces, you are giving them harrowing memories to live with for the rest of their lives.

Death by bureaucracy

All this admin and bureaucracy needs to be done, and done in such a rush, for no other reason than the fact that the Singaporean state has decided that it wants to execute someone now. This is what abolitionists mean when we say that there is no murder more pre-meditated than capital punishment.

Explainer: Guilty Pleas for Death Penalty

Sometimes the public prosecutor offers the concession of a reduced charge or a reduced number of charges if the accused elects to plead guilty. What are the issues with this? Read this explainer to find out.

Ayahku, Dr. G: A Film Screening & Discussion

At a recent film screening of Ayahku, Dr. G, activists, creators, and family members of inmates on death row in Singapore and Malaysia discussed the war on drugs in these two countries, societal and governmental challenges faced, and how to move forward with hope. Here’s our recap of the event.


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