#DearSyed: “It all began with one seed…”

#dearsyed is a letter-writing campaign by the Transformative Justice Collective (TJC) in solidarity with death row inmate Syed Suhail, whose brave voice moved us to come together and build a movement for the abolition of the death penalty. We’re collecting letters for Syed throughout the month of March 2021. Read more about the campaign and get involved: https://tinyurl.com/dearsyed

Dear Syed,

It all began with one seed,

a singularity breaking through.

Budding with nary a care,

nourished by self-less nurture.

After many sunrises,

the seedling grew into a sapling.

Leavening with hope,

it reached for the resplendent.

Brimming with a callow green,

it weathered through fallow seasons.

A grown tree, it shed with sadness,

a fragile aliveness trying only to survive.

Hiding in its own shadow,

it sought refuge against harsh winds.

An existential contrast, the tree and I,

between ever and never.

Never wrecked by the winds,

how blessed I am.

As I count my blessings every day,

others can count on me.

Life took away their freedom,

comfort is all I can give.

Sending over solace of a caring hand,

I am rooting for the lonely tree.


We might not know each other,

but I’m rooting for you.

(Sorry for not writing this by hand. I can’t write anymore after my stroke.)

Melvin Tan
IG: @rainy_day_survivor

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