A Letter from Rosman bin Abdullah, Death Row Prisoner

Rarely do we hear the voices of prisoners on death row. Our systems are determined to silence them so that we, as a society, can continue to dehumanise them and forget that they exist. But one such prisoner, Rosman bin Abdullah, has written a letter that he would like to share with the world. Read it below.

You can find more information about Rosman’s case at https://tinyurl.com/RosmanCase.

Assalammualaikum … My family who has support me to save my life without condition. I really appreciate to what you have done me recently. Thanks for your support and hope we can get more support and go for maximum we can and the rest we pray to God and let the ONE and Only decide.

Still I need to express the unjustified or unfairness about my case between me and my boss Mahadhir. Yes I admit that I have made a mistake for fabricated my charge form and notebook statement of my confession when under pressure. But after one day I make a long statement again which is genuine and more accurate and logic with the evidence they got on the table. How can they acquitted Mahadhir without trial on that time, even the CNB know I want pass the drug to him. And after he released he was caught trafficking again. The point here is I give a full cooperation to disrupt Mahadhir drug activity but the authority acquitted him and after released he still do drug trafficking and get caught again. Authority let the drug trafficking Boss free and I didn’t even get C.O.C. (life imprisonment). Where’s is the justice?

Most public out there did not know that we here are mostly as a worker or a runner for drug trafficking and not a boss. Unfortunately before we pass the drug to our boss we are caught. Its really crazy to think that we earn a few hundreds as a drug worker or a runner and we get a death sentence, no second chance no life imprisonment. I hope more will support for life imprisonment and no to death sentence.

Anyway thanks again for everything you have done for me, which is priceless and I’m really grateful to you …

Every Human Have The Right to Live.

Yours faithfully,
Rosman Abdullah

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