Halt the Execution of Nazeri bin Lajim

Nazeri bin Lajim has been scheduled for execution on 22 July 2022. This is the 9th execution scheduled this year.

Just last month, Nazeri’s sister Nazira bin Lajim, and other families of those on death row had begun efforts to bring a parliamentary petition calling for a moratorium on the death penalty, and a transparent and independent review of the use of the death penalty.

Families of death row prisoners often face stigma when it comes to talking about their loved ones’ plight. Despite this, they reached out to relatives and friends and collected over 400 signatures for the parliamentary petition. No MP they have approached so far has been willing to carry the petition to parliament.

While many families live in very real fear that they will face backlash from the government, employers, relatives and unsupportive segments of society, Nazira put herself forward as a lead petitioner without hesitation. In all the months we’ve gotten to know her, Nazira has always been hopeful, and prepared to speak up and take action for her brother’s sake, and for everyone else on death row. Even in the last few days since Nazeri’s execution notice arrived, she keeps saying, “there must be something else we can do for my brother. What else can we do? We need to tell the whole world.”

In this video, Nazira is featured with Sharifah, sister of Syed Suhail, another prisoner on death row who has had his execution scheduled twice, both times winning a stay after a legal fight.

Despite the growing public sentiment against the death penalty, the government is doubling down on its killing spree. TJC joins Nazira, Sharifah and all the other loved ones of people on death row in calling on the state to halt Nazeri’s execution and bring into force an immediate moratorium on the death penalty.

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